About Us

Cardiac Health Diagnostics (CHD) is an independent clinic and spin-out business from Swansea University, specializing in comprehensive heart and health screening for adults and young people.

Our Foundation

Our Founding Director, Michael Lewis is a university professor who has built a portfolio of specialist knowledge in the field of physiological measurement. The focus of his research has been the assessment of cardiac, haemodynamic and autonomic nervous system function in health and disease. Mike has collaborated widely with colleagues in the NHS and together they have published extensively on their research with specific patient groups. 

Having also directed collaborative projects with commercial partners, Mike realized that there was also a demand for cardiovascular assessment/profiling skills outside academia, but knew that this would need to be pursued from a commercial platform. Coming from a university environment that encourages innovation was the key to making this happen – the university provided an introduction to a local business consultant (Christopher James) and this led to Chris, Mike and our co-directors (Andrew, Dareyoush and Shannon) joining forces to establish CHD. 

Our Goal 

Our aim is to provide the highest quality diagnostic service whilst focusing on individualised, patient led care. We strive for clinical excellence and want our patients to receive the best possible experience. Our mission is to provide a highly effective and timely service to our patients, and ensure the most supportive and positive experience for everyone involved. 

Our Values

Our operation is centred around five key principles; 

  • Patient Needs – We recognize every patient is an individual with different needs and concerns. Whether you want peace of mind and reassurance of your health, or you have concerns about your health that you want answers to right away, we are here to help.
  • Flexibility – We recognize national health services are stretched and waiting times and appointments can be inconvenient. We can take this stress away, and offer appointments that work around your schedule, so every patient can be seen at a time that’s convenient to them.
  • Positive Experience – We strive for the best possible service we can offer. We want our patients to feel cared for, listened to, and treated as individuals, not just another case. The staff we use are specifically selected for their caring nature to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Quality Care – Our medical team has been individually selected to ensure our patients interact with staff who are trained to the highest standard, but also can provide a comforting experience for each of our patients.
  • Knowledge – Knowledge is at the core of what we do. We ensure our team is appropriately trained to their role, and have the knowledge and experience to deliver the service to our high standards. In addition, we aim to participate in relevant research studies, to ensure we keep up to date with the latest statistics, but also to publish our statistics for the benefit of future research.