CHD Screen Swansea University Students and Staff


It is estimated that one young person every fortnight, aged under 35, in Wales is a victim of sudden cardiac death with seemingly no explanation, largely due to undiagnosed heart conditions *


With this in mind, Swansea University Sport Village carried out a fundraising campaign to enable Welsh Hearts to run a heart screening event for Swansea University students, staff and leisure centre members.

In conjunction with the charity Welsh Hearts, CHD hosted a heart screening day in the Sport Centre at Swansea University Sport Village on Saturday 18th February, 2017.

The screening was a closed event specifically for students, staff and leisure centre members between the age of 18 to 35.

104 people were screened on the day, each person having an ECG test and an Echocardiogram if required. Out of the 104 people screened, 4 people were referred back to the GP to seek cardiology referral for further investigation.

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* BHF estimate for Wales is based on the national frequency shown in Papadakis, Sharma et al. “The magnitude of sudden cardiac death in the young: a death certificate-based review in England and Wales.” Europace 2009 Vol.11, No.10, p1353-1358