Meet the Team

CIOTEK060-X2 - Chris

Mr Chris James, Director

Mr Chris James is currently director and a senior business consultant at CIOTEK Ltd alongside CHD, with over 25 years of experience as a consultant. Chris takes on a practical role within the organisation, taking responsibility for the accounts and finances of the organisation, as well as playing an active role in seeking out business opportunities and shaping the strategic direction of the company. Chris also assists in establishing, developing and maintaining relationships valuable to the organisation through his long established network of contacts.

Shannon - Team page

Miss Shannon Stevens, Registered Manager and Director

Shannon is a graduate from Swansea University and the Registered Manager for CHD. Shannon is responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulations and legislation involved in the service, including Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) registration. Shannon also manages the day to day running of the business, and plays an active role in engaging with clients, and with the company directors to explore projects and opportunities, strategic decision making and financial planning.

Professor Michael Lewis, Director

Professor Michael Lewis, Professor of Cardiovascular Diagnostic Technology is a member of staff at Swansea University and a director of Cardiac Health Diagnostics Ltd. The majority of his research career has focused on non-invasive physiological assessment and monitoring of the cardiovascular, haemodynamic and autonomic nervous systems in health and disease. Mike plays a very active role as director, continually working with the other directors to establish opportunities and build relationships with external partners valuable to the organisation.

D Rassi 2016 - team page

Dr Dareyoush Rassi, Director

Dr Rassi is a senior lecturer and physicist at Swansea University. A major part of his research effort has been focused on the interface between physics, medicine and biology. Dr Rassi supports the other directors by offering advice and support with current projects and future opportunities.